My Local Calendar helps talented local photographers to produce great calendars of their local towns and surrounding areas. These calendars showcase the best photography of the area that only a local photographer has the knowledge and time to capture.

The calendars are designed and printed by The Calendar Printing Company Ltd, and, My Local Calendar is a initiative set up by The Calendar Printing Company Ltd to help local photographers produce the very best calendar for your town, exhibiting it at its most beautiful.

If your area is not listed please get in touch info@mylocalcalendar.co.uk and we will try to find a suitable photographer to take up on the scheme.

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British Isles Calendar Range
British Isles Calendar Range

The My Local Calendar website is a marketplace for our band of talented photography partners, each an independent business in their own right that live and work in the areas that they produce calendars for. You are supporting these photographers directly by shopping on My Local Calendar.